Quality Policy

It is our policy to ensure that our products and services meet our customer requirements in all respects.

The company goals and objectives are detailed in our quality management system a fundamental part of which is the education, training and involvement of all personnel and in particular the enhancement of customer satisfaction by ensuring that we meet, or exceed customer requirements.

We will also use the quality system as a way to ensure that legal and other statutory requirements are met and checked through internal audits and reviews.

The quality of all services is controlled to ensure the early and prompt detection of actual and potential deficiencies, trends or conditions which would lead to unsatisfactory quality and so enable the company to take timely and effective corrective action. It is therefore very important that defects are detected, controlled, analysed and corrected or removed before our product is delivered to the customer.

A measure of the company’s success in achieving our goals is the number of successful tenders, contracts, customer comments and complaints it receives. A detailed analysis of these areas is carried out by the company during the Management Review Meetings. The framework of control for the management system and policy will be provided by internal audit, management review and by monitoring our objectives on a yearly basis.

Only by being continually aware of trends within the business can our policy of achieving continual improvement be achieved and all employees and suppliers to the company are expected to contribute to this goal.

This policy is reviewed yearly for continuing suitability.